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      China LED Sign Solutions manufacturer

      Focus on providing solutions for outdoor digital media and LED industrial applications

      Download & News

      March 20, 2020

      Software Download

      Dear Customer,



      In order to improve customer experience and get a faster download speed for oversea customers, we upload our software to Google Drive, please click the links below to download the software:



      ?          https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ERBiAE4qw90tq5DsHan2ou4ekAOSRDbl/view?usp=sharing





      *LedSet 3.0



      *LedSet 2.0



      *LedEditor V9


      *LedEditor V10




      If there is no response after clicking the link above, please manually send an email to Sales@xixunled.com with "SYSOLUTION SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD" as subject, our support will contact you ASAP, thank you!


      Thank you very much for your understanding and support! If you need further information, feel free to let us know!


      Best Regards, 


      SYSOLUTION | Shanghai XiXun

      Contact Details
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